Frequently Asked Questions

Q) "Will my existing keys fit my new locks?"

A) Yes. If you are already using the Model # 1525 key-controlled lock, all you have to do is specify which key system you are currently using. The system # is stamped on your key.

Q) "What if I received my locks but no chart?"

A) Master Lock ships the combination charts and the control keys separately from the locks. The locks come in a box and the keys and charts come in a large envelope. They normally arrive the day after the locks. If you don't get the envelope containing the charts and keys, call us and we will have them shipped to you.

Q) "What if I have locks but have lost the combinations?"

A) Furnish Verde Valley School Supply with a list of the serial numbers you need (The serial # is on the back of each individual lock.) We will forward the list to Master Lock and they will provide the missing combinations.

Q) "When can I expect my locks after I order?"

A) The lock should arrive approximately 2-3 weeks after we receive your order.

Q) "How much is shipping and handling?"

A) For 275 pieces or more there is no shipping or handling. However, for returns the customer pays shipping and handling but will be re-imbursed if there are no lock defects.

For padlocks #1525 or #1502. There is no shipping and handling charge for purchases of 275 pcs. or more. For purchases of less than 275 pcs. allow about 6% for freight.

For Built-in locks #1630, 1652, 1654, 1670. There is no shipping and handling charges on purchases of 275 locks or more. For orders less than 275 pcs. allow about 6% for freight.

In either case, we charge you what Master Lock charges us, we don't make money on freight.

Q) "What can I do about damaged or defective locks?"

A) Contact Verde Valley School Supply to receive a "Return Goods Authorization Number." You can then return the locks to Master Lock.

Q) "Can I get additional keys for my locks?"

A) Yes. All you have to do is contact Verde Valley School Supply and supply us with your key # and you can get extra keys for $2 individually.

Q) "How can I get a catalog showing all choices of school locks?"

A) For your own School Lock catalog, call Verde Valley School Supply.