Verde Valley School Supply is the #1 source for educational facilities locker lock purchases. We sell many different types of locker locks and specialize in Master Lock Company brand of products.

We offer specifically designed software program "Locker Manager", to help you manage any and all of your locker installations. The program manages lock serial numbers, locker numbers, combinations, location of locker, student or students using that locker, any pertinent data concerning the student (i.e. diabetes, allergies, special needs, etc.) You may view a sample of the program by going to Master Lock LockerManager. Please call Verde Valley School Supply about any further information about "Locker Manager".

Verde Valley School Supply will not be undersold. We will meet or beat any competitive prices.

If you are searching for a company that can satisfy your locker security needs quickly and efficiently, please call Verde Valley School Supply at 1-800-755-6257.